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Bojan Groselj: Curriculum Vitae



ADDRESS: Vrtna 3, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

TELEPHONE: +386-51-316-600







LANGUAGES: English, Slovenian, Serbo-Croatian, French (read), German (read)





Ø      Designed and implemented a large portion of a distributed railway control system.

Ø      Author of a new method for parallel simulation.

Ø      Designed and implemented CPSim simulation tool in C.

Ø      Designed and implemented an office automation tool for document preparation in Windows.

Ø      Designed and implemented a trading tool in Visual Basic.

Ø      Developed and implemented a precompiler for embedded SQL (Oracle).

Ø      Implemented validation and report generation programs for Oracle database.

Ø      Designed and implemented several client/server applications.

Ø      Published in the area of parallel simulation, sorting, distributed computing, combinatorial optimization, and MIS.









McGill University, Montreal, Canada



Computer Science

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Electrical Engineering

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Electrical Engineering












Ø      XLAB, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Program Manager, 9/08 –

Responsible for program development and commercial exploitation

Ø      ICEsolutions, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Deputy Director (Product Management), 1/05-9/08

Responsible for new product development, IT projects and solutions

Ø       GEA College of Entrepreneurship, Piran, Slovenia, Lecturer, Dean 9/98-1/05

Courses: Information Systems, Doing Business in the Information Era

Projects: Development of Integrated Information System for Slovene Labor Market Analysis,

Unemployment Insurance Simulation for the World Bank, Information System for Case Studies Slovenia-Italy, Information System for Tourist Promotion of Region Bovec

Ø      EDP Contract Services, Computer Consultant, 10/97-9/98

Project: Re-engineering of a three-tier client/server application for the Veterans Administration, using Visual Basic 5.0, Tuxedo, Oracle 7.3, Pro**C.

Ø      RHI Consulting, Arlington, Va., Computer Consultant, 11/96-10/97


7/97-10/97: Ported Report Writer from Windows 3.1 to Windows NT for Norwest Bank. Report Writer was re-engineered using Crystal Reports, Visual Basic 5.0, Adobe Acrobat, and the modified stored procedures for Sybase SQL Server.

11/96-7/97: Designed and implemented several client/server applications with Visual Basic 4.0/MS Access/SQL Server for Telco Communications Group:

a)      Project Tracking: Tracking of software projects, including the timing and scheduling of steps, and automatic e-mail.

b)      Order Fulfillment: Ported order entry and fulfillment system from MS Access to MS SQL Server.

c)      Management Reporting: Customized selection, preview, and printing of reports in many different formats. Uses OLE controls.

d)      Database Testbed: Performance analysis of different methods for accessing database from a VB application: MS Access-DAO, MS Access-RDO,  SQL Server-DAO, SQL Server-RDO.

e)      Order Tracking System: Order tracking, data entry and reporting system, first developed for MS Access, and then ported to MS SQL Server/RDO. Many Crystal Reports.

Ø      BoyanTech, Inc., McLean, Va., Computer Consultant, 6/94 - 11/96


4/96-11/96: Re-engineering of PHYDIAS, a production/distribution optimization tool for BENDER Management Consultants. Work included design and implementation of validation and report generation programs in PRO*C for Oracle 7.0 in UNIX environment and writing a precompiler for PRO*C programs.

3/96-4/96: Conducted UNIX/C seminar for Computer Learning Center, Alexandria, VA.

11/95-3/96: Implementation of a trading system for Windows. Work included design and implementation of GUI in Visual Basic and the optimization program in C.

12/94-11/95: Design and development of TravelDoc, document preparation system for Windows. TravelDoc enables automatic creation and typesetting of documents in a client/server environment using a centralized database.

6/94-12/94: Implementation of CPSim, a high-performance simulation tool. CPSim is written in C and runs on many different platforms including parallel machines such as HP-Convex Exemplar, TMC CM-5, and Intel iPSC.

Ø      University of Maryland, Department of Computer Science, College Park, Md., Visiting Assistant Professor, 8/91 - 6/94.

Dr. Groselj has published articles in the area of distributed and  parallel simulation, global snapshots, concurrent operations, and combinatorial optimization.

Ø      University of SW Louisiana, The Center for Advanced Computer Studies, Lafayette, La., Assistant Professor, 9/88-7/91.

Dr. Groselj has published articles in the area of distributed and parallel simulation, distributed load sharing, and deadlock detection.

Ø      McGill University, School of Computer Science, Montreal, Que., Research Assistant,  6/85-1/88.

Work included research and development of new methods for distributed simulation.

Ø      Iskra Avtomatika, Development Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Software Engineer, 6/83-9/84.

Dr. Groselj and his team designed and implemented a real-time railway control and supervision system. The system is now operating in two European countries. His team received an award for outstanding achievement from the government of Slovenia.

Ø      University of Ljubljana, Electrical Engineering Department, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Research Assistant, 9/78-5/83.

Work included the development of graphical display and user interface for railway traffic control.







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IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Eng., Vol. 7, No. 6, Dec. 1995, pp. 915-927.


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Groselj B., Tropper C., “A Deadlock Resolution Scheme for Distributed Simulation,” in Proceedings of the SCS Eastern Multiconference,  The Society for Computer Simulation International,  Mar. 28-31, 1989, Tampa, FL, pp. 108-112.


Groselj B., Tropper C., “The Time-of-Next-Event Algorithm,” in Proceedings of the SCS Multiconference on Distributed Simulation,  The Society for Computer Simulation International, Feb. 3-5, 1988, San Diego, CA, pp. 25-29.


Groselj B., Tropper C., “Distributed Simulation Using a Look-Ahead Algorithm,” in Proceedings of the 2nd European SIGOPS Workshop on Distributed Systems, Amsterdam, ACM SIGOPS, Sep. 1986.





Groselj B., “A Calculus of Constrained Actions and its Application,” University of Maryland CS-TR-3014 (UMIACS-TR-92-138), Dec. 1992.


Groselj B., “Peaksort: A Heapsort with a Twist,” University of Maryland CS-TR-3013 (UMIACS TR-92-137), Dec. 1992.


Agrawala, A.K., Groselj B., “Real-Time UNITY: A New Method For Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems,” University of Maryland CS-TR-2857 (UMIACS-TR-92-33), March 1992.


Groselj B.,“Distributed Depth-First Search and Deadlock Detection,” University of Maryland CS-TR-2856 (UMIACS-TR-92-32), March 1992.


Groselj B., “Process Assignment, Flow Control, and Scheduling in Distributed Discrete-Event Simulation,” The Center for Advanced Computer Studies, University of SW Louisiana, TR 89-3-7, Sep. 1989.





·        NSF Research Grant for project “Distributed Simulation of Clustered Processes” (1989-1991).

·        McGill University's Major Fellowship (1987, 1986).

·        Three-year scholarship from Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal (1985).

·        One-year scholarship from the World University Service of Canada (1984).

·        B. Kidrič Foundation Award for outstanding achievements in research and development (1984).

·        V. Bedjanič Foundation Award for outstanding Master's thesis (1981).

·        F. Prešeren Award for outstanding Bachelor's thesis (1987).









GEA College of Entrepreneurship

Information Systems for Entrepreneurs

Doing Business in the Information Era

Fall 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001


Spring 2002

Computer Learning Center

UNIX/C (Professional Series)

Spring 1996

University of Maryland, College Park

CMSC 411 (Computer System Architecture)

Spring 1994, Fall 1992


CMSC 311 (Computer Organization)

Fall 1993

University of Maryland,

College Park

CMSC 818 (Assertional Reasoning for Real-Time Systems)

Spring 1993


CMSC 400 (Introduction to Computer Systems and Software)

Spring 1992, Fall 1991

University of Southwestern Louisiana

CMPS 533 (Distributed Computing Systems)

Spring 1991


CMPS 619 (Parallel Program Design)

Fall 1990


CMPS 511 (Advanced Simulation)

Fall 1990, Fall 1989, Fall 1988


CMPS 430 (Computer Architecture)

Spring 1990, Spring 1989

McGill University

308-305 (Computer System Architecture)

Spring 1985





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