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Francisco Campuzano Bolarín. Lecturer

October 2008


Brief CV



            Date of Birth:April 19, 1974, in Murcia, Spain. Spanish citizen.


Education and degrees


Graduate in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cartagena , Spain, 1997

Graduate  in  Management Engineering, Technical University of Valencia , Spain, 2000

2000- Postgraduate  studies in Prevention Risk for Companies . 2001

Postgraduate studies in Systems Dynamics Modelling .  Technical University of Barcelona, Spain 2004

Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) . Technical University of Valencia, Spain 2006

Thesis entitled: ”Variability Demand Management Model for Supply Chains. Bullwhip Effect Analysis” 


University Positions etc.

Assistant, Department of Business Economics and Management, Technical University of Cartagena,Spain 2001-2003.

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Business Economics and Management, Technical University of Cartagena,Spain 2003-2006.

Lecturer, Department of Business Economics and Management, Technical University of Cartagena,Spain 2006-.


Scientific Editorial Assignments


Refereeing assignments for various scientific journals, among others International Journal of Production Economics



Awards, Board Positions and Memberships etc.


Thesis awarded by the Spanish Logistics Center (CEL) as the “Best PH-D Thesis in Logistics Area” year 2007.


Work Experience (Companies)




Clece works in the area of industrial maintenance and cleaning services for public buildings and private companies. This is a company property of Dragados Group

Duties in charge   :

Technical studies (Responsible for making  projects for public and private companies. Coordinator of  several delegations: Murcia , Albacete , Granada  and Almería)

Designation of  quality plans on the services adjudicated to Clece S.A.

Functions of   Basic  Technician in Prevention Risks.


I.G.C :


I.G.C. works in the area of industrial maintenance, Quality Management  and Prevention Risk for private and public companies

Duties in Charge :

Responsible for the Prevention Risk Service for Murcia County

Technical Inspector of Elevators


International Teaching Responsibilities

Several  Courses held, latest in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Course Responsibility for international courses concerning the International Logistics Management Game. Latest runs held in Valencia, 2008.


Current Educational Development Interests

Applications of Information Technology to Interactive Educational Processes.

International Logistics Management Game, Software development of interactive Management Game. Game has been run in several European countries (Spain the last country to join), and is currently also planned to be run in the US and in Uruguay. Internet version (Version 3.1) has been developed 2003.


Consulting Activities

Miscellaneous consulting assignments in a number of major Spanish companies among others General Electric Plastics, Council of Cartagena and Council of Murcia, Spanish Army.


Colaboration With European Research Centers                          


·        Linköping Institute of Technology(SWEDEN).

·        Development of the program International Logistics Management Game.

·        Logistic Systems Dynamics Group (LSDG) , University of Cardiff ,( Wales ), Reino Unido . Research  on Bullwhip Effect within Supply Chains     

·        Virtual Simulation Centre  Sim-Serv.

·        University of Ljubjana (Slovenia). Faculty of Economics - Department of Mathematics and Operations Research


Articles and Research Reports etc.


Latest articles published:


Campuzano Bolarín, Francisco; Bogataj, Marija; Ros McDonnell, Lorenzo (2006). The correlation between inventory costs and some bullwhip measures in logistics Networks. Suvremeni Promet (Modern Traffic), Vol. 26(5), pp 291-295.


Campuzano Bolarín, Francisco, Bogataj, Marija; Ros McDonnell, Lorenzo, Bogataj, Ludvik (2008). The Contingency Between Elasticity Of Demand And Bullwhip Effect In Logistic Chain. International Journal of Productions Economics. In Press.


Campuzano Bolarín, F., McDonnell Ros, L., Lario Esteban, FC, (2008). Bullwhip Effect Consequences according to Different Supply Chain Management Strategies: Modelling and Simulation. Journal of Quantitative Methods for Economics and Business Administration, Universidad Pablo de Olavide(Spain), Vol. V, pp. 49-66.


Campuzano Bolarín, Francisco; Lisec, Andrej; Lario Esteban, Francisco Cruz (2008). Inventory Cost Consequences Of Variability Demand Process Within A Multi-Echelon Supply Chain, International Journal of Logistics and Sustainable Transport.


Campuzano Bolarín, F., McDonnell Ros, L. (2008). Reducing the Impact of Demand Process Variability within a Multi-Echelon Supply Chain. The Icfai Journal of Supply Chain Management, Vol. V, No. 2, pp. 7-21.


Campuzano Bolarín, F., McDonnell Ros, L., Lario Esteban, FC. (2009). Pricing effect Over Bullwhip Effect. Staggered demand Case. Revista Dirección y Organización, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain). In Press.

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